In a world where you can be anything,
be kind.

Past Winners

Kaleb Luke

One of the recipients of our 2020 McKenna's Rae of Hope Foundation Character Scholarship of $1000 is Kaleb Luke of Kearney, Nebraska. Kaleb plans on attending Cedarville University in the fall majoring in business. Kaleb was was nominated by Alexis Barth, one of Kaleb's friends. Congratulations to Kaleb from all of us at McKenna's Rae of Hope Foundation. Thank you for being a Rae of Hope for those around you.

Here is what Alexis wrote in her nomination:

Kaleb Luke has been a role model since I met him. Freshman year, I met Kaleb and I wanted to become his friend because he was also so kind to others around him. He would put others before himself every time. Throughout the years, Kaleb has always had my back and has been there for me along with every other person who needed him. On any given day, I know that he will always be making people's "frowns turn upside down." He has a way of finding hoy in every situation and showing others how everything happens for a reason. Along with sharing his joy with others, Kaleb includes people who are alone and supports anyone going through a tough time. For example, Kaleb's best friend's dad died freshman year. This is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone could have, let alone when he was only fourteen. Kaleb understood how painful this would be to go through. He showed empathy, sympathy, and most of all love to his friend by supporting him through this heartbreaking event. Kaleb listened and cared for his friend and was there for him whenever he needed to be. He is the type of person that people can trust and is truly someone that will pick you up when you fall down. Kaleb Luke has impacted many more people in his years at Kearney High School by including others, bringing joy to everyone, and being someone who you can count on even when times are tough.

Kaleb Luke
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